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Make 3D Hologram with your Smartphone

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You’ll be able to turn your smartphone right into a 3D holographic viewer with this straightforward DIY project introduced by Youtuber Mrwhosetheboss. When paired with a particular “hologram-ready” video, this gadget will create the illusion that you simply’re observing a floating 3D picture! This hologram-video is just a Four-faces looping video sequence which you may as well find ready to play on Youtube. I’ll put up some links bellow.

3d-hologram-smartphone-diy-device-mrwhosetheboss-6 Make 3D Hologram with your Smartphone

All you want is an outdated CD case, a sharp knife, some tape, a pen, a ruler and graph paper (non-obligatory). You may draw lines straight on CD case. The movies that make use of this machine play Four faces video, and when these are mirrored within the panes of your gadget, it seems like a floating 3D hologram! Superior!

3d-hologram-smartphone-diy-device-mrwhosetheboss-5 Make 3D Hologram with your Smartphone

Sadly, this illusion isn’t a real 3D hologram – it nonetheless uses 2D images/videos to create the effect, while a real hologram recreates a 3D object and, with present technology, requires the use of split laser beams. However it’s still price of effort you invested on this.

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