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ULO – An interactive home monitoring owl

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Today more and more objects are connected, but none of them truly connects with you. Ulo creates a unique bond, like no other device. It redefines the way you interact with objects: an organic communication. Evidence shows that a number of facial expressions are related to similar emotions across cultures. The language of our eyes is one of the most powerful and effective tools of non-verbal communication. Eye expressions are an efficient, natural and universal way to connect instantly with Ulo.

Ulo communicates through eye expressions. A webpage and mobile apps allows you to customize eyes color, shape and size to match your interior and your taste. No logos or icons are displayed on the screens, but you instantly know what Ulo has in mind.

For instance, when the battery is low (under 10%) Ulo is tired,
Ulo blinks when you take a snapshot,its eyes follow your movements and Ulo squints when someone is watching live video.
Random animations add that extra spark of life which makes Ulo unique.
Eye expressions are possible thanks to new round LCD screens originally manufactured for next-generation smartwatches.

by vivien-muller
on Sketchfab

Ulo is work of Vivien Muller from France. After graduating with a degree in design in 2007, he quickly became a partner at the interior design and architecture firm Metz Atelier Design. In 2009 he became a freelance designer shortly after conceiving the Electree. He often find him inspiration in nature, and he have nourish passion for mathematically impossible perspectives, origami, and designing unique intersections between nature and science, like the Octocube, a heater-sculpture based on fractals, the pen ‘Plume’, inspired by bird feathers.

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